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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you very much to everyone that has written inquiring about artwork or fabric. I apologize that I could not respond to each email, but I hope this FAQ makes things a lot easier. Thanks again!

1. I would like to purchase a certain artwork as a
print from your website, what are the sizes, pricing etc.?

Thanks so much for asking-
However, I do not have prints of my artwork that I sell through my website at this time.

2. I am a designer and would like to purchase a particular artwork I have seen on your website.

I am not making original artwork available for sale at this time.

3.I would like to purchase fabric. How can I order it from you?

I have never personally produced fabric. And I mean never ever.I have created original artwork that my clients purchase and put into production themselves.

4. Are't you worried that people will copy your designs
from your website?
Not really. A large amount of my work has been purchased by large companies , and while I am not a litigious person, their attorneys likely are.

The following are questions that can make someone really cranky after a while because they are either impossible to answer or would require hours to answer accurately. Nevertheless, here is my attempt at answering them…

1. Where do you get your inspiration?

For one thing its everywhere, almost all the time, so its hard to condense it into a soundbite-
This planet is so genius with inspiration, non-stop, the point is not finding inspiration, but rather finding ones focus. For another I think "inspiration" is a concept mainly used to sell merchandise as in 'this collection was inspired by my trip to
India", which so often does the actual sourcea disservice.

2. What’s your favorite artist/ book/ place to get inspired/ fill in the blank?

There is rarely an answer to a question like this that is genuine. The answer is usually too many to choose one! Locking it in just feels wrong.

3. Why don’t you produce your own fabrics, products, etc?

I love painting, experimenting, and researching imagery. I do not love art directing other people, sorting out production, multitasking, or the minutia of running a company. It’s best if the people who love and are excellent at doing the latter do that part.

4. What advice can you give me for my textile design/surface design/ art career? How did you get started?

There are so many paths and so many different types of people with different aptitudes, strengths, circumstances, personalities and desires, that I could not possibly address this question with any actual degree of helpfulness.

When I was starting out, I so often heard “Network! It’s all ‘who you know’”. As a shy person, with no
contacts, this froze me in my tracks, and caused me to doubt my ability to ever "succeed" as an artist-

My own beginnings involved a night class at SVA in NYC while working as a receptionist, followed by a series of lowly and low-paying jobs at textile converters where artists were pretty much treated like
caca! I learned some useful things, but how someone with a college degree in art or design with higher expectations or resources that I had at the time should proceed is unknown to me.

The only advice I can safely offer that might be potentially ‘one size fits all’ (besides don’t listen to advice, listen to your own inner voice of course!) is this:

Start by creating work you would like to see. Do that as a regular practice. Do that a lot. Do it some more. Eventually the people who are right for your work will fall in step with you. For real’s.